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How to get rid of cockroaches?

Cockroaches are the most unwanted pests that can introduce themselves to you with a home or car cockroach infestation. Besides being an undesirable pest they also form a health threat by contaminating food and transmitting bacterial pathogens, which cause diarrhea, food poisoning and triggering asthma. Within more than thousands of cockroach types existing, German cockroaches, American, Asian, Smoky Brown and Oriental roaches are the ones that are the most common household pests.

Cockroach Control Methods

Once you notice a cockroach in your house there are three options that you can follow:

1. Find a professional pest control company for cockroach extermination, which may cost you couple hundred bucks at the end.

2. Start searching and working on home remedies that may not take you to anywhere at the end, other than watching the increase of the cockroach population in your house.

3. Make a good plan, try to find the root cause of a water leak or any crevices, eliminate the problem, and follow the cockroach control steps below.

Cockroaches are the most unwanted pests that can introduce themselves to you with a home or car cockroach infestation. Besides being an undesirable pest they also form a health threat by contaminating food and transmitting bacterial pathogens, which cause diarrhea, food poisoning and triggering asthma. Within more than thousands of cockroach types existing, German cockroaches, American, Asian, Smoky Brown and Oriental roaches are the ones that are the most common household pests.

We know how frustrating and disgusting to see cockroaches walking around in your living areas like kitchen or bath as we have suffered from several different roach species until today. At the end, we built our own 

Check – Identify – Manage – Prevent Cockroach Treatment Cycle

based on the conventionally integrated pest management (IPM) approach and got rid of roaches successfully. Roaches Me was created to share our experience and the best method of how to get rid of cockroaches in the house or building by yourself forever, fast and easy, cheap and effectively!

Before implementing the roach treatment cycle, you need to know that getting rid of cockroaches may take about two weeks to five months depending on the severity of the infestation and roach type.

1. Check for Cockroaches

This step covers the inspection of cockroaches and the weak points of your house. For a successful roach treatment, you need to find the answers to where do cockroaches hide, what you need to look for, where do roaches come from and why they are in your house.

Where Do Cockroaches Hide?

Cockroaches need two essential resources for the progress of their life, water, and food. Where they eat and live is called cockroach habitat, which is preferably warm, high humid and by food sources. Kitchen and bathrooms are the best places to find the best environment for cockroach habitat. Considering the perfect environment as warm, moist and dark, it can’t be wrong to say that kitchen provides more than one perfect spots for cockroaches to hide.

Another preference for cockroaches is the safety of their nest, which makes areas that are reachable through cracks and crevices more attractive for them. Considering all of these, we can list the most common areas for cockroaches in the kitchen as cabinets, areas behind refrigerators where condensation water is collected, microwaves, sinks, stoves, and dishwashers.

Tools Needed:

The best approach for spotting the areas of high roach activity is sticky glue cockroach traps. If the area of concern is kitchen then you should be placing traps to the following areas in the kitchen:

  • Under sink area (cabinet)
  • Behind fridge (most roaches love to nest here)

Visual Inspection

While having the traps placed at several places in the kitchen and the bathroom it is also essential to make a thorough visual inspection for signs of cockroach infestation. One of the most important signs that you should be looking for is for sure cockroach poop. In other words, cockroach droppings (feces) will tell you the areas where roaches tend to run.

Cockroach feces look like small black dots like black pepper for young German roaches. You may notice bigger, rice shaped cockroach poop for American and adult cockroach species. For more information and pictures you can have a look at “how cockroach droppings look like”.

2. Identify Cockroach Type

Within more than 4000 cockroach species only six species are the most common ones that may become pests. Considering the different types of cockroaches it is a fact that you can’t stop the roach infestation unless you know the type you’re dealing with. Here we’ll identify the cockroach type in your house within from German Roaches, American Roaches, Asian, Oriental Roaches, Brown Banded Roaches and Smoky Brown Roaches.

Considering that you trapped at least one roach with the help of a glue trap, now it is time to identify the type to get rid of cockroaches forever!

German Cockroach

An adult German cockroach is about half to five-eighths inch in length with a color of light brown. They have wings but not capable of flying. Young nymphs look like the same of adults but without wings. The most significant sign of a German roach is its two parallel lines that run from the backside of the head through the wings.

German cockroaches can reproduce quickly and their size may go up to thousands within a short period of time. If you have noticed German cockroaches in your house, you need to take immediate cockroach control action. If you are suffering from German cockroach infestation make sure to read “How to Get Rid of German Roaches”

American Cockroach

American roaches are generally outdoor species and are not as common as German roaches as an indoor roach type. An adult is about 1 to 2 inches long, with reddish brown color. Both the female and males have fully developed wings, and are capable of flying.

Like many other cockroach species, American roaches prefer dark, moist and warm environment. Generally, they prefer locations like sewers, storm drains, steam tunnels. American cockroaches are well adapted to living inside buildings and they can feed on almost anything from glue to paper. Due to their living area preferences, American roaches carry a number of bacteria, which may cause asthma symptoms and allergies in humans.

Asian Cockroach

Asian cockroaches look so similar to German roaches, with a difference of lighter color and longer wings. They are capable of flying especially when disrupted.

They are highly attracted to lights and may enter through open windows and doors when there is light inside. Although they are largely found outdoors, once entered your home, you may find them on or around any light source from the television screen to lamps.

As a preventive action, it is highly recommended not to leave any door or window open without screens.

Smoky Brown Roach

This cockroach species is about 1.5 inches long and both the male and females are capable of flying. Baby smoky brown roaches have white band stripes across their thorax. During the growing period, these bands disappear.

Like Asian cockroaches, smoky browns are also attracted to lights at night. One of the best ways to prevent and eliminate smoky brown roaches starts from treating outside your house. Removing any debris and leaves may help to keep this type of roach away from your house.

Any area of high humidity or moisture should be prevented inside and gel baits may be used for an effective roach control.

Oriental Cockroaches

An adult Oriental cockroach is about 1 inch in length and often are called as water bugs due to their environment selection, which is damp and dark like drains both indoor and outdoor, garages. They also prefer cooler environment when compared to other roach species and often prefer to build their nest in water meter boxes. In search of food, Oriental cockroaches may go into buildings and houses. Males have wings despite females are wingless, but neither are capable to fly. 

Brown-banded Cockroach

This roach species prefers high temperature and warm places like electronic appliances, ceilings, and light fixtures. Male brown-banded roaches can fly, but females are not capable of flying although they have wings, which are shorter relative to the male wings.

Brown-banded roaches are often seen in offices and similar indoor areas where they can find the starchy food, like paper. For a successful brown-banded roach management, electronic equipment and other areas where they tend to hide must be carefully inspected with the help of traps. Gel baits may be used for termination of roaches in their nest. It should also be considered that this roach species also tend to pick areas such as bedrooms and furniture for the living.

The most significant sign of brown-banded cockroaches is their two brownish broad bands on their bodies. Like German cockroaches, brown-banded roaches are highly involved with humans and have the potential to affect human health, causing asthma, allergies, and skin reactions. 

3. Manage How To Get Rid of Cockroaches

Placing roach baits and spraying everywhere won’t help you, unless you don’t have a good plan of where, when and how to apply pesticides for a successful cockroach treatment. Cockroach killers may be a help to you but just on a temporary base, as long as you kill cockroaches in their nest.

We would really love to advise you a magic product that will help you to get rid of cockroaches immediately but unfortunately, there is not! You need to be patient and keep on applying the steps mentioned here for an effective solution. Our target is not to kill the ones that are visible to you. The aim is to kill them at where they are hiding!

For sure you may find lots of DIY home remedies for cockroach control but we’ll not take any chance here. Will be focusing on pesticides for a successful cockroach treatment. Before going further would like to remind that you should always read and follow any directions and warnings on the product label you are using.


Although cockroaches can eat almost anything from human hair to toothpaste, they will be highly attracted to easy and variety of food sources. Even if you think your house is clean enough, cockroaches may always find something to eat, especially in the kitchen area.

  • Clean your house – Vacuum clean and wipe on a regular basis
  • Wipe and clean your kitchen each and every night
  • Use covered trashcan and do not keep it under sink drawer. Make sure the trash is emptied each night.
  • Remove all food and water resources on the countertop
  • Do not leave open food overnight
  • Use kitchen containers or jars with lids and caps – No more open food anywhere
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in sink
  • Inspect all the kitchen appliances for roach eggs and possible cockroach nests
  • Do not leave pet food around – If you don’t want your pest to be your pet you’d better remove all stuff that will help cockroaches to survive!

Seal and Repair

One important step of a successful roach treatment is for sure eliminating their resources. Roaches can live without food for a long time but water is so essential for them to thrive. And that is where you will start hitting them to the eye. Finding any leaks or moist areas, especially under sink and cabinets in your kitchen will play an important role.

We highly recommend obtaining a Moisture Meter for finding the moist areas and possible water leaks, which may not be visible to the eye. Repairing any water leaks, cracked pipes or any other source is so important.

Use of Pesticides

The first thing you should take note of is not to spray the areas where you’ll place the best cockroach killer gel bait. Otherwise, you will be either just killing them with the spray or will be losing them. Our target here is, let the roaches come to the baits, carry it to their nest and terminate roaches in their living place permanently.

Whether it is a German, American, Smoky-brown or oriental cockroach, the ultimate cockroach exterminators that will be effective on them are:

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait – Amazon #1 Best Seller! A high-performing product that targets almost all cockroach species including German, American, Brown, Smoky-brown, Oriental, Brownbanded, and Asian. Cockroaches can’t resist to this highly captivating formula and the infestation is effectively controlled.

Boric Acid Cockroach Killer A long lasting, fast acting and easy to apply five-star cockroach killer. Besides roaches, any insect that comes into contact with this powder will die within 3-4 days!

Avert Dry Powder Roach Bait – One of the most attractive cockroach killer powder bait, highly effective on gel bait adverse German cockroaches, on the market today and is guaranteed effective up to one year by the manufacturer!

4. Prevent Cockroaches Coming To Your House

How to prevent cockroaches and follow-up inspections are essential for a continuous roach free house. Once you take control of the roach infestation, you need to monitor your house on a regular basis as well as with paying small attention to the ways cockroaches come to your house.

Prevention comes with monitoring at the same time. Let’s have a look at few simple steps that may be crucial in cockroach prevention:

  • Check bags for cockroaches before bringing them to your house
  • Keep the house well maintained. Seal cracks and crevices. Fix any water leaks and monitor humidity on a regular basis.
  • Keep on monitoring any signs of cockroaches, like eggs, feces (roach droppings) and skins
  • Cover food, pet food, and garbage cans
  • Keep on using roach bait stations and sticky roach traps
  • Do not bring any box inside home
  • Check your luggage before bringing home (especially after a hotel stay)